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Laminam by Crossville

Thin porcelain panels, or thin tiles make for some amazing design aspects.



Niche or Two?

Shower storage can be as unique as each clients tastes and/or needs.



Welcome to JR Tile Online!

Since 2003 we've been a small family-owned and operated tile installation company based in Tulsa, OK.  We strive to live in response to the principle of "Consider others as more important than yourselves."  This means that each project we undertake is more than a job, more than a paycheck, and more than another rubber stamp on our way to some grander plan.  It means that each client becomes a friend, each project becomes our own, and the end results become meaningful additions to our clients lives.
We specialize in high-end residential remodels, but we also do custom showers for a few local builders as well as some smaller-scale commercial projects.  We love challenges and find ourselves working almost daily with some of Tulsa's finest on projects that are new or unique to the field.
Give us a call anytime!  We'd love to chat about your latest ideas and help in any way we can.
--Joel & Mitzi Ray (Owners)

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6219 S 28th West Ave
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Phone: 918.812.1557

E-mail: joeltray@gmail.com

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